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Construction of 29 houses and four maisonettes has been completed. All the houses and maisonettes have been sold. 

The last three houses were completed in February 2012, and consist of one ‘Framlingham’, one ‘Ufford’ and one ‘Melton’. The four maisonettes were completed in May 2013, and consist of two two-bedroom maisonettes and two three-bedroom maisonettes.

In addition to applying the principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, all these beautiful houses and maisonettes include many ecological features such as timber frames, clay roof tiles, high levels of insulation, sheathing of electric cables, and the use of non-toxic paints on interior surfaces.  

The current phase of building in this unique Maharishi Sthapatya Veda development has been completed. Progress is now being made with the design and construction of the Maharishi Peace Palace, which will provide a centrepiece for this landmark project.

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Construction of 24 apartments was completed in 2008. All the apartments have been sold.  

The apartments look out over landscaped gardens, designed around the existing mature sycamore and oak trees, with views towards the Maharishi Peace Palace. 

A famous Suffolk pargeter, Bill Sargent, has sculpted eight beautiful friezes on the front gables of the four apartment buildings, with designs taken from the name of the building as their theme. Bill, who comes from a long line of Suffolk pargeters, was featured on David Dimbleby’s ‘How we built Britain’ television series in 2007.